Global Network

Global Network

In this day and time, global transportation systems, as well as the customers’ expectations have advanced to a very high point. Clients require a real-time tracking service that reports the status and location of the cargo at any moment, so they can effectively follow their orders whenever they need to. This is only possible through close connections with international partners across the globe.

At N & A Logistics, we collaborate with the most accredited providers to bring this service. Namely N & A is a member of a well-known freight international network represent 821 Members located in 391 Cities in 118 Countries Worldwide, designed to meet the diverse needs of the logistics industry.

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Real Time Tracking

Our service comes with close care, meticulous tracking and partnership with our global agents, to provide an ultimate one-stop solution for international transportation that brings the highest customer satisfaction. The partner companies we work with share the same ideology to ensure premium shipping with various transport strategies.

With this partnership, we perform the job completed successfully in any sales term of payment, be in FOB, CIF, DAP, DDP, DDU, EXW, FCA where our representative agents closely work with the shipper and consignee for the handling requirement of freight transport. We offer a selection of agents, base on territory and specialization of services who fit customer requirements.