Sea Freight

Reliable sea freight service

When we think of ships, the first thing that comes to mind is lengthy and delayed deliveries. However, this might as well be a mere myth, as it is not necessarily true if it is handled well. Some customers look for alternative solutions due to the same misconception, yet many clients rely on sea freights as their primary transportation method because of the largeness in size or quantity of their cargo.

For instance, certain products may need parts imported from several locations or continents for assembly. All these goods need to be shipped from various places to a single destination so that they can be used in the manufacturing of a product. If this product is significantly large, an airplane, for example, it will not be physically possible to fit the bulky and odd-shaped parts in an aircraft. Nor is it feasible or efficient to do so. Therefore, sea freight is the most convenient solution that can accommodate the needs of such clients with specific demands.

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Customer Care

Dedicated to customer satisfaction, our friendly, reliable team has built close relationships with local businesses for years.

Fair Pricing

N & A Logistics provides quality solutions catering for all situations offering competitive pricing from Economy to Premium services.

Real-Time Tracking

Our online track & trace system is the most advanced within our sector, enabling the current status of every pallet in Thailand.

Our sea freight services at N & A Logistics includes full container load (FCL) with many different types of containers for various purposes:

  • General-purpose cargoes, we offer standard container units (STD/DV/GP)
  • Flat rack (FR) units for over width, over height, out of gauge (OOG) cargoes especially for instance; machinery, trucks, yachts oversized vehicles, boats, cranes, turbine blades, ship propellers, generators, large engines, construction equipment,
  • Open top (OT) for over height cargoes appropriate in all types of products
  • Refrigerated/Reefer container unit for cargoes that require certain temperatures, in 20’ RF, 40’ RFHQ

In the case of cargos with smaller sizes and cargos that do not need to be put in separate containers, we also offer less than container load (LCL) service for sea freight. Our solution consists of matching cargos from different orders together to be put in one container that could be more budget-friendly for the clients.

Moreover, with our partnerships with global shipping service providers, we are able to offer special discounted rates for those selecting monthly shipping plans to benefit from our high quality, fast and secure services for even lower rates than our competitive prices.

For more information and personal consulting, please contact us for the desired type of solution you require. We are more than happy to assist you with market-competitive prices that will satisfy all your needs.