Air Freight

Rapid Air freight service

Speedy transportation is a priority to many of our clients and we have a convenient solution for it. Air Freight is one of the fastest transportation methods for longer distances and it can appear very feasible for certain purposes. For instance, quick shipping of machine parts for installation, it can prevent interruption in production due to damage to devices. This can support production consistency and save up related costs.

Time is gold, as they say. No matter what your company is about, and no matter the size or sector, wasting time can damage your business in a way. Delay or pause in production can cause uncalled for costs and that is why you should consider the fast Air Freight method to minimize the waiting time for your cargo to arrive. Another way to understand the value of time is through inflation. According to basic economic rules, the value of cash continuously decreases over time. In other words, what you have now is always worth more than tomorrow, so there is no time to hesitate.

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Customer Care

Dedicated to customer satisfaction, our friendly, reliable team has built close relationships with local businesses for years.

Fair Pricing

N & A Logistics provides quality solutions catering for all situations offering competitive pricing from Economy to Premium services.

Real-Time Tracking

Our online track & trace system is the most advanced within our sector, enabling the current status of every pallet in Thailand.

With this economic principle in mind, it is safe to say that timing is a core value in any business and its cost-effectiveness. As a result, our expert team at N & A Logistics is always ready to provide the fastest and most secure Air Freight service to all customers. Our seamless and safe solution ensures the best shipping experience for businesses of all sectors.

As a leading logistics company, we have a network of ports, airports at major metropolises in every corner of the globe, as well as within the region. Our Air freight service comes with a smart and fast custom clearance process that requires no paperwork. For more information regarding our services and work process, as well as receiving a free consultation, please do not hesitate to contact our team. Also, in order to receive pricing and details, kindly fill out a freight quote.

For clients looking for speedy international transportation of their cargo, Air freight is the most convenient shipping service. No matter how much the cargo weighs, and what the delivery terms are, N & A Logistics has services for it to be delivered to any major airport all over the world. With our close network and agents around the globe, we are able to successfully ship our orders under the agreed terms and the client’s special requirements. This means we will complete any order by the designated specific shipping method that may include direct/non-direct flights with various frequencies that match with client’s budget and needs.

Freight services’ success is highly reliant on how speedy and seamlessly the clearance process is handled at the entry and exit ports. At N & A Logistics, we have expert teams in custom clearance that make sure every order goes through the procedure trouble-free. We are capable of providing the fastest and most secure freighting and clearance services at the major ports including Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport, and ICD Latkrabang, Laem Chabang, and Bangkok Klongtoey port. Our customs clearance service also consists of a number of special benefits such as tax reduction or exemption according to the FTA system (AK Form for Korea, JTEPA Form for Japan, E Form for China, D Form, AI Form for India and others.

Moreover, N & A Logistics fully covers the documentation process by which the cargos are transported in and out. Namely certificate of origin and it legalization, custom signature card and paperwork, payment process documents, meticulous and fast declaration filing for imports, accurate entry of data and procedure review that ensures less risk of errors and delays in managing multiple cargo imports/exports.