Food Logistics

Food Logistics

Thailand, as a country with a major focus on agriculture, is highly dependent on the food industry for its development. At N & A Logistics, we offer special service for food companies with our professional team that is trained to manage shipping and maintenance of frozen goods, so that your cargo faces no risk and keeps its original quality.

Timely delivery is a key point to keep in mind through this process. Food products are especially in danger with slow shipping and in case of any delays, the entire cargo might be unqualified for use and may need to be thrown away, which will bring the client some great financial loss. This can be avoided by selecting a reliable logistic service that ensures safe and speedy delivery.

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N & A food logistics has multiple special features to guarantee the safest shipping of food cargos such as inbound, outbound and reverse transport, premium custom clearance with all the required licenses for safety and quality, cold storage warehousing service, inland transport by a truck that are utilized with all the required tools for carrying sensitive goods. Many major companies with high export rates have partnered with us for the shipping of products such as seafood. Poultry, meat, dairy and ready-meals.

Our customers are those leading exporters in the industry, in line with our products are meat, poultry, seafood, ready meal and dairy products.